Peak Performance Tips from a Former Olympian

Attendees at CCH Connections: User Conference 2016 will see motivational speaker Vince Poscente, an expert on resiliency discuss the power that attitude, determination and innovation play in your future success – especially when life doesn’t go as planned. His client list includes top organizations with one thing in common: they understand that success is not just about reaching your goals and getting what you want. There also has to be an intent to handle set-backs and overcome obstacles and end up smarter, stronger and more focused than ever before.

A recreational skier, Vince rose to the ranks of an Olympic skier in just four short years. Next goal: Win the gold. But it didn’t happen. Things got in the way. But not in the way of him becoming successful. He just had to bounce back and find another path. Another solution. Another way to achieve his goals and GRAB THE GOLD. Here are a few key quotes from this New York Times Best Selling author, Hall of Fame Speaker, and Award-winning businessman:

About accomplishing your goals:

“In your conscious mind, 2,000 neurons fire off every second. In that same second, the subconscious mind utilizes 4 billion neurons. That means the difference in activity between the conscious and subconscious mind is like the size difference between an ant and an elephant.
… Of course convincing the ant-like conscious mind that success is attainable is not the main issue when it comes to motivating yourself. Your objective is to plant the seeds of success in your elephantine subconscious mind. Do this and you have the power of 2,000 conscious neurons combined with 4 billion amazingly powerful subconscious neurons pointed toward the same goal and working for you every second of your life.”

Source: Finding and Fueling Your Buzz for Motivation

On the advantages of technology and doing more in less time:

“Haste can make waste, [but] a stitch in time saves nine. If we use the technology to accelerate, use the products, use the services that are designed to buy us this time, then you can change from the word “haste” to “leveraging the speed.” Harnessing this oncoming force and use it to our advantage. That’s the opposite of waste. That’s where we have bought us the time to have more life than we have and enjoy it even more.”

Source: Q&A with The Age of Speed author Vince Poscente

On the drawbacks of efficiency:

“What took an hour to do in the past, now takes minutes. Instead of enjoying all the discretionary time, we fit more in. Why, because we each LOVE to get more done. Instead of one thing accomplished in an hour, let’s say we have six things we can now accomplish. In days gone by, one task had a chance of unexpected consequences. Now, we have six tasks with unforeseen results. The shift from 1x to 6x raises the odds of an unpredicted choice by 600%. We are only human. Plans change. Odds are, with technology doing what it is supposed to do, each of us is facing an unfortunate message we are receiving and sending, ‘Something came up and it is more important than you.'”

Source: Is Technology Messing with Your Integrity? 

Dealing with self-doubt:

“The voice of doubt is an interesting little being. First off, give him or her an identity – for me he’s short and green – and then accept that the voice of doubt is completely natural and there must be a reason why the subconscious mind serves it to us. I personally don’t care about what the reason is but I want to combat it when it shows up uninvited. Ultimately, I’ve found, that the shortcut is to simply acknowledge that that voice of doubt is there, and to talk back to it. Say “Thank you for your opinion but that’s not part of my vision.”

Source: Five Minutes with Goal Accelerator Vince Poscente 

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