The Radical Guide to Technology and Talent

As “The Radical CPA,” Jody Padar encourages other firms to look beyond the “old ways” to build a firm that will be sustainable in the future. With client and staff demands evolving quickly, firms that don’t adapt will fall behind, and Jody has leveraged technology to help her realize her vision for a future-ready firm.

In a recent whitepaper, “Technology and Talent: Are You a Future-Ready Firm,” Jody Padar looks at how technology affects a firm’s ability to attract and retain good talent – a resource that is vital to keeping clients coming back. As the culture around us has changed, the culture within a firm is increasingly important. And a firm’s technology investment can be an indicator of how committed the firm is to creating a rewarding culture.

Technology comes in many forms, but one topic that Jody has been extremely vocal about is the benefits of the cloud. In this whitepaper, she lists just some of the possibilities:

“Perhaps the biggest realization firms need to have is that your clients are already on the cloud… they are just not using it for their accounting needs.
But what will the cloud do for you?

  • You and your employees can work from anywhere and you can serve clients in any geographic location.
  • Your paperless efforts will be a lot easier.
  • You’ll have a farther reach for recruiting talent.
  • You’ll rethink workflow to your benefit.
  • If you’re a new firm, its subscription-based model without a large upfront cost makes it affordable.
  • Your communication will be different (and better!).
  • Your security and backup procedures will be improved.”

You may not be ready to move to the cloud, or you may already be there. But you clients and your staff are there, and the firms that are able to meet their demands will be in a stronger position for years to come.

To learn more about the Technology/Talent connection, download the whitepaper: Technology and Talent: Are you a Future-Ready Firm?

Radical Guide to Technology and Talent White Paper


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