District of Columbia ~ Multiple Taxes: Changes and Benefits Under MyTax.DC.gov Discussed

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The District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue has issued a press release for corporate income, personal income, and sales and use taxes purposes, discussing the changes and benefits of the proposed launch of MyTax.DC.gov in November 2016. Taxpayers currently using the electronic Taxpayer Service Center (eTSC) will need to register at MyTax.DC.gov for a new account. Following its rollout in November 2016, MyTax.DC.gov will handle business registration, individual income tax, fiduciary and estate taxes, franchise taxes for incorporated and unincorporated businesses, and withholding taxes. MyTax.DC.gov will become functional for other tax types as they get converted from the current system. For example, MyTax.DC.gov will become functional for sales and use tax after conversion to the new system in October 2017. For convenience, corporate taxpayers can schedule payments for up to six months and individual taxpayers can schedule estimated payments for up to a year, i.e., for all four quarters at the same time. Taxpayers will be able to review transactions on their accounts online and receive digital copies of notices. In addition, taxpayers can enable their tax preparer to access the accounts to help clarify their tax situation. Lastly, taxpayers will be able to communicate with the Office of Tax and Revenue through MyTax.DC.gov and submit the requested documents electronically.

The press release can be viewed at https://mytaxdc.wordpress.com/2016/08/19/mytax-dc-gov-launches-in-75-days/.

Press Release and Interview, District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue, August 19, 2016



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