Proven Strategies for Effective Document Management

A CPA firm evaluating document management software has many options to choose from. Once you make the decision to take your firm paperless, you need weigh the pros and cons of several very different approaches. What some software providers call “document management” is really no more than document storage. But, your firm does more than store files for you clients; you need a solution that will enable you to work more efficiently rather than weigh you down.

To find out what features you really need, your research should include talking with some of your peers about their experiences implementing document management. Below, read some tips from professionals like you about how to get the most out of your document management system:

Document management benefits everyone in the firm. When they don’t have to spend time chasing paper, your administrative staff can grow professionally.
CCH Axcess Document helps us the most, because it has completely changed the way we do things. By using it on a day-to-day basis, I’ve noticed that the firm’s administrative personnel have become much more efficient and are able to take on more responsibilities.”
Matt Svendsen, CPA, MST
Vice President – Business and Investment Holdings, Pohlad Companies
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Electronic files are key for risk mitigation. A document management system doesn’t just make you more efficient; it also can protect your files in case of disaster.
“[CCH Axcess] Document is an excellent software for me because I don’t have to worry about performing a backup on my end. I’m not in charge of that — Wolters Kluwer is.”
Toni Anne Rocker
CPA Owner, Toni Anne Rocker, CPA, PLLC
Raleigh, North Carolina

A DMS doesn’t just digitize your old manual processes. There is no manual equivalent to document meta-data like classes and subclasses. These features make digital document management more efficient than even the most organized paper files.
“The fact that Document is customizable has allowed us to set up different classes and subclasses of folders. We can easily sort, save and retrieve information and protect access to sensitive documents as well.”
Craig Lohman
Partner-in-charge of the Assurance Department, Lohman Company
Mesa, Arizona

You might not think clients care about your DMS, but they do. The client service you provide is directly related to the efficiency of your software.
“I still remember the days of getting calls from clients with questions about returns and having to tell them I’d call back because I needed to go search for documents in the file room. Digital is so much better and faster; we probably take it for granted now.
Dennis Spille
Shareholder, Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Therrell, P.C.
Waco, Texas

Paper cost isn’t the only reason going digital will save you money. From all the office space that file cabinets consume to intangible costs like frustration and stress level, paper-based systems are more costly than you might think.
“The cost of storing documents and files wasn’t cheap. Trying to have easy access to files for 1,500 clients created a real nightmare. We tried to keep three years of documents at the office and just had files everywhere. With CCH Axcess Document, we don’t even have a file cabinet anymore.”
Randall L. Sansom
Principal, Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA
Gulf Breeze, Florida

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