Integration in the Cloud: Putting All the Pieces Together

A typical accounting firm uses dozens of software solutions, and while tight integration is the ideal, it is not always possible. Mixing cloud solutions with on-premise solutions can pose unexpected integration challenges, which are further confused by on-premise software running in the cloud through a solution like Citrix. For firms looking to minimize their technology infrastructure without disrupting their day-to-day processes, solutions that force an all-cloud environment can be problematic.

As the leader of New Vision CPA Group, Jody Padar envisioned a totally cloud-based office, but kept hitting roadblocks when the technology was not-quite-there. In a new whitepaper, Jody explains how the firm was recently able to get rid of its third-party hosting service, saving $20,000 per year in hosting fees, and most importantly, truly achieving her vision for an efficient, cloud-based firm.

Find out what works and what doesn’t — Download CCH Axcess and Microsoft Office 365: A Match Made in the Cloud.

White Paper CCH Axcess Microsoft Office 365 Cloud


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