Infographic: Top Audit Issues in 2016

Cut through the clutter and uncover some of the most important issues you’re likely to face in 2016, if you haven’t faced them already! Whether you are a large firm of 21+ employees or a small firm of just 2-5 employees, there’s certain areas that will have the biggest impact on you and your audit team.

A new Top Issues for Auditors infographic covers top issues by firm size, areas where you gained steam in 2015 and what hot topics are on the minds of regulating authorities in 2016 that you should be keeping a keen eye out for. Of course none of that information is very helpful without some insight into what you can do to stay ahead of the game, which is why this infographic also includes information about best practices.

Don’t let all the upcoming changes and challenges overwhelm you. One of the first steps you can take is to streamline your audit process by implementing auditing software that is designed to help ready your audit team to be stronger than ever in 2016. Wolters Kluwer’s integrated audit approach, an auditing software for accountants, is a unique solution that offers an iterative approach to the steps of an audit.

Made up of CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach and CCH Accounting Research Manager, Wolters Kluwer’s integrated audit approach will change your perspective on audits by demonstrating how you can break away from the checklist mentality and put your auditors back in the driver’s seat. Read and hear real life stories from firms that are experiencing more efficiency and delivering higher quality audits with the help of this auditing software for accountants.

Are you on top of all of these issues, changing standards and regulations? Even if you THINK you are on top of all of this, you should take time to check out this infographic. It’ll be worth it!


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